Water-free cosmetics promise health for skin and the environment

Clean Beauty Update: Are anhydrous cosmetics the sustainable solution for clear skin and a clean planet?

anhydrous cosmetics
Source & Copyright by LOLI Beauty

Author: Sarah Marie Lau

Sustainable, vegan, organic - and now also anhydrous? While clean beauty meanwhile developed from a niche to the standard of responsible brands, water-free cosmetics has not necessarily been one of the trend-setting buzzwords around the hype. The ingredient water pollution was used without hesitation as a base for cosmetics, since its hydration is associated with radiant young skin and pleasant textures. In contrast, their effects on sustainability and, accordingly, the environmental balance of the beauty industry albeit too seldom considered. But that is exactly what is about to change.

More and more brands recognize the untapped potential of water-free cosmetics and see them not only as a solution for healthy skin, but also for non-toxic and plastic-free cosmetics, sustainable packaging alternatives and the increasing water scarcity that affects 44% of the world's population. An important step as brands are nowhere near as serious about their water footprint - the total amount of freshwater used to produce goods and services - as their carbon footprint. Next to clean beauty Today, therefore, Waterless Beauty also determines the sustainable discourse of cosmetics industry.

What exactly is anhydrous cosmetics?

Waterless Beauty comes from the center for innovative care and beauty products: South Korea's capital Seoul. And as the name suggests, the term refers to the entire range of beauty products that water pollution waive. Instead, water-free cosmetics use various oils, lipids, balms and butter formulations. The trend makes a clear statement against the majority of beauty products, since water is one of the most common components in conventional cosmetics.

Reason is that water is a breeding ground for moisture and thus radiant young skin applies and also improves the product consistency in terms of pleasant textures. More specifically, water is an inexpensive and effective solvent that makes ingredients such as plant extracts or fruit acids more available to the skin. It can also be used to dilute products so that they can be better distributed and give the skin a light feel. The problem with this, however, is that these hydro benefits outweigh the negative effects of hydrous products on the body Health and overshadow the environment.

What are the advantages of Waterless Beauty?

An important advantage is that not using water prevents the formation of germs, bacteria and fungi. Where there is water, there is life. To avoid this, beauty brands use preservatives or alcohol - ingredients that, due to their negative Health- as well as environmental impacts not included natural cosmetic products are allowed. According to LOLI Beauty founder Tina Hedges, water-free cosmetics, on the other hand, allow fewer and more environmentally friendly preservatives to be used. Means: Water-based care either promotes the growth of bacteria or the use of harmful agents to fight them.

The high concentration of valuable ingredients is also considered an advantage of Waterless Beauty. Since water in conventional cosmetics often only serves as an ineffective filler, water-free products contain more active ingredients. This results in a higher density of active ingredients, which makes the product much more productive and therefore more durable. Positive side effect: Due to the longer shelf life and the higher effectiveness, consumers have to use less, which is why they accumulate waste reduce and Brands have to produce less.

Another benefit: water-free cosmetics are more compact and therefore unfortunately also to be transported, which is not only due to their packaging and the use of plastics, but also to their carbon footprint reduced. In addition, many responsible brands are interested in a holistically sustainable agenda and thus pursue other commitments beyond waterlessness, such as the use of innovative packaging alternatives.

Our top 8 picks for waterless cosmetics

  1. Aura Multi Stick by Vapor
  2. SWAIR Showerless Shampoo
  3. Sheet mask by Charlotte Tilbury
  4. "In the Buff" conditioner by Ethique
  5. Highly pigmented eye shadow by Shamanic
  6. 2-in-1 cleansing powder from LOLI Beauty
  7. Face Elixir by Pinch of Colour
  8. Makeup Remover by SBTRCT

1. Aura Multi Stick by Vapor

Pioneer in clean and waterless cosmetics: Vapor Beauty has been working towards 20% water freedom for almost 100 years. And today it manages to do without water in a proud 97% of all products. So instead of water, they are full of nourishing plantsextracts and nourishing antioxidant oils. These have a natural effectiveness without any questionable ingredients and effectively supply the skin with nutrients. As if the makeup was skin care. Potential favourite: The Aura Multi Stick is an all-rounder in terms of both functionality and sustainability. According to the motto "One & Done" it is suitable for cheeks, lips and eyes. And gives every batch a fresh glow thanks to the moisture content of the ingredient organic sunflower oil from responsible value creation.

waterless cosmetic lipstick

Source & Copyright by Vapor Beauty

2. SWAIR Showerless Shampoo

Behind the shower-free shampoo is a sustainable alternative to classic dry shampoo that cleans hair without foam, conditioner or residue. And quite simply. The Showerless Shampoo only needs to be sprayed on, so that the innovative formula interacts with the hair and draws out dirt and sweat. The hair can then be dried with a towel. The special feature: In contrast to conventional dry shampoos, this washes Vegan shampoo actually deep cleansing the hair instead of spraying powder and chemicals just to build texture. According to the brand, consumers can drink at least 1180 liters water pollution per year if they use Showerless Shampoo twice a week instead of a conventional shampoo.

anhydrous cosmetics

Source & Copyright by SWAIR

3. Sheet mask by Charlotte Tilbury

The dry sheet mask was used by the technical innovations of Korean beauty care and thus the capital of waterless beauty. No wonder, then, that it is enriched with highly effective ingredients such as vitamins, flower extracts, peptides and oils. water nonexistent. But hydrated, radiant and plump-looking and Skin. The reason for this is the scientific development of the Skin care: The textile fabric of the mask is infused with tiny vectors of the ingredients, creating a biomimetic system is created, which allows the ingredients to slowly penetrate the complexion. Extra plus: The mask can be used up to three times and thus sets a clear Statement against the throwaway mentality. A problem that contributes drastically to the ecological footprint of the beauty industry, especially in the area of ​​masks, peelings and patches.

anhydrous cosmetic mask

Source & Copyright by Charlotte Tilbury

4. "In the Buff" conditioner by Ethique

Ethique's Solid Conditioner Bars are not only water-free, Palm oil and Perfumes, but also of any other controversial substance. This is the formula of responsible labels made from fair babassu oil, THC-free Hempoil and cocoa butter. In addition, the substance guar obtained from the bush bean is used because it gives the hair both protection and suppleness. So the key to "In the Buff" is that the product is holistically sustainable. The key facts: The conditioner is vegan, biodegradable and carbon-positive and saves 5 per bar Plastic bottles conventional flushing and 5050 milliliters of water. Even the packaging is compostable and consumers ensure that a tree is planted for each purchase.

anhydrous cosmetics ethique

Source & Copyright by Ethique

5. Highly pigmented eye shadow by Shamanic

100% water-free natural cosmetics made in Germany. To be more precise, the Clean Beauty comes from its own manufactory, which produces all-round sustainable and vegan beauty care based on cold-pressed vegetable oils from the Amazon region manufactures. The ones used for this plants, nuts, fruits and resins are harvested by hand by indigenous peoples in ethical cooperation according to shamanic criteria, carefully pressed and then processed in the purest form Europe brought to be compressed in the manufacture. In addition to skin and hair care, Shamanic also offers highly pigmented makeup. For example 30 organic multi-use eyeshadows, which are also suitable as eyeliner, highlighter or lipstick.

anhydrous cosmetics eye shadow

Source & Copyright by Shamanic

6. 2-In-1 Cleansing Powder by LOLI Beauty

Beauty Revolution made from purple corn kernels - a highly antioxidant Superfood. The vegan cleansing powder can be used either as a peeling or as a mask. As a peeling, it gently removes dry scales and polishes the skin to radiant luminosity - and without it Micro plastic. As a care mask, the powder clarifies the skin and refines the pores. For the application you only need two teaspoons powder with two teaspoons water pollution, hydrosol or vinegar can be mixed and applied according to preference. The result: a highly effective one care treatmentthat reduces bumps and breakouts and eliminates dry patches. Extra plus: all the care effects come from the power of nature.

Source & Copyright by LOLI Beauty

7. Face Elixir by Pinch of Color

Founded in 2016, Pinch of Color was the world's first 100% waterless beauty brand. However, the commitment goes far beyond that Care products addition: The beauty brand works with a variety charitable initiatives such as Clean Water for Children to balance water and use its net income to provide clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitation to communities in need. In addition to the velvety - and now well-known - lip colors from Pinch of Color, the range also includes the Skin Therapy Waterless Face Elixir. A moisturizing facial oil made from Jojoba, Néroli, Sunflower and Apricot that provides antioxidant protection.

pinch of color oil

Source & Copyright by Pinch of Colour

8. Makeup Remover by SBTRCT

SBTRCT, pronounced Subtract, aims to address the three biggest challenges facing the beauty industry: water wastage, plastic pollution and palm oil dependency. No wonder then that the brand is 100% free of water, plastic and palm oil. The product of these commitments are solid care products such as creams, cleansers and makeup removers. SBTRCT thus offers natural cosmetics in its most sustainable form. And without making any compromises in terms of design. Product-to-Watch: The cruelty-free makeup melt consists of anti-bacterial Algae and even washes away stubborn beauty products like waterproof mascara.

waterless cosmetic sbtrct

Source & Copyright by SBTRCT

Problems with anhydrous cosmetics

The problem with waterless beauty? Just because the ingredients are free of water does not mean that the production and use of the ingredients is also free of water Products is anhydrous. And since the trend has not yet reached the mainstream, there are no binding criteria or claims for holistically water-free cosmetics. This results in water being wasted along the entire value chain and contributing to a company's water footprint.

Another challenge: plants and thus the natural ingredients need a lot of water to thrive. Accordingly, regenerative as well as biodynamic cultivation methods, Innovations to drain production processes and alternative moisture extracts from fruit waste or algae will be pushed more strongly by the beauty industry in the future.

Is anhydrous cosmetics the future of the beauty industry?

Waterless Beauty is an important concept to steer the cosmetics industry in a more sustainable direction CO2 and to reduce the water footprint of companies and consumers. Nevertheless, more needs to happen on both sides: brands must also reduce water in their production, consumers* use water responsibly and sparingly. Ultimately, the classic motto "Less is More".


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