Megatrends define as well as change the lifestyles of generations: digitalisation, artificial intelligence and globalization - to name just a few. We show you the megatrends of the future and perspectives on the ways in which they will transform our lives forever.

Green Product Award 2024: Sustainable innovations on the path to change

Sustainable design with distinction! The Green Product Award offers a stage for innovative products. We introduce you to the winners in 2024 who are driving the green transformation

Nut milk bags: Everything you need to know about homemade nut milk

With homemade nut milk you can get an extra portion of healthy fats and vitamins into your everyday life - find out everything about nut milk bags here

Priorities, myths and realities of AI in the luxury sector

Experts from the Luxury Institute shed light on the most important applications, expectations and myths surrounding AI in the luxury sector By Expert Milton Pedraza “Luxury Institute”

Luxury Report 2024: A new definition of luxury

Characterized by short-lived trends, the luxury sector in particular has difficulties following every movement. But which profound developments will dominate the year 2024?

Veganuary 2024: How to make plant-based cooking easy

Vegan January is entering its 11th round this year. Why a vegan diet is suitable for everyone and the ultimate vegan guide to animal-free cooking

Puma relies on biodegradable innovation with Re:Suede

In 2021, the Puma company started its first project called Re:Suede with its Circular Lab. The experiment about the completely biodegradable shoe is now producing results.

The Circular Republic Festival – circular economy as a focus

The Circular Republic Festival focused in Munich in November on circular economy, expert opinions and innovations

Actions with a sustainable perspective: The German Sustainability Award 2023

In addition to companies, buildings, manufacturers and innovations, personalities such as Sebastian Vettel and Zoe Wees received awards for sustainable actions

Earthshot Prize 2023: Awards for pioneers of sustainable innovations

Last week, the Earthshot Awards 2023 awarded five companies to support their sustainable innovations.

How do we lead museums into the future? About dinosaurs, AI and the longing for fascination

Commissioned by the Nevada Museum of Art, Graft Brandlab designs an exhibition that makes prehistoric sea creatures accessible Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

Mega trend study globalization

The process of globalization, which has linked more and more people, organizations and states worldwide, is at a tipping point. The long-cherished idea of ​​a European pioneering role is fading. As companies, institutions and governments, we have to adapt our own view of Europe and its role in the world to the changing framework conditions. Get with […]

Sustainability and innovation dominate Milan Design Week

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 shows how creative design and sustainability can stand side by side on an equal footing

Quiet Luxury: Classic look or discreet consumer hype?

The quiet luxury phenomenon is causing a stir and is being hyped as the next big trend, but not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon

IPCC outlines measures for a sustainable future worth living in

The IPCC report marks an urgent turning point: the need for action to protect the climate has never been greater and solutions more readily available 

Gensler Design Forecast: Trends in a New Era of Human Experience

Design becomes the engine for sustainability, inclusion and community - everything about the metatrends of the Gensler Design Forecast

Cleanical Beauty: How Much "Beauty" Can Our Body Take?

A new hype is emerging in the cosmetics industry: cleanical beauty! What is behind it and how sustainable are Cleanical Beauty products?

New Norms: What crises and digitization mean for luxury brands

Sustainability, Metaverse and Web 3.0 determine the reinvention of the luxury industry - Simon Owen on trend-setting synergies Interview Simon Owen, Partner & CEO of Anomaly Berlin

Woke Washing: Is Diversity the New Tool for Image Promotion?

First green washing, now woke washing? Why brands communicate their commitment to socio-political issues - even without real values ​​behind them

COP27: Climate protection as a question of social justice

The threat of climate change no longer allows compromises in terms of social and ecological sustainability - this is what the COP27 demands

Action instead of rhetoric: How to implement purpose in companies

Purpose is more than just a statement. Why companies usually only implement it in communication and how messages become actions

Green Future Club celebrates its anniversary: ​​10 years Green Product & Concept Award

The application phase for the Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award 2023 is underway - this is what the organizer Green Future Club is planning

How diversity management mobilizes the entire employee potential

In an interview, organizational consultant Astrid G. Weinwurm-Wilhelm talks about diversity management and its added value for companies

Vogue Next: The future is built on sustainability & inclusion

All the highlights and trend-setting trends of the VOGUE NEXT conference on ecologically and socially sustainable development

Top Food Trends 2023 under the sign of conscious enjoyment

Food Trends 2023: A change in the food industry towards more sustainability and locality, regenerative foods and classic dishes interpreted vegan 

Sustainability Communication - Green Marketing or Greenwashing?

Sustainability communication as an indispensable tool to strengthen the corporate vision

Sustainable logos: The new status symbol of conscious fashion brands

More and more brands are modifying their brand symbols and launching sustainable logos as an expression of their commitment - but what does that mean?

Valuetainment - The transformative power of entertainment

The entertainment of the future has social and planetary relevance

How the innovative start-up Occtopus playfully improves the future

Anja Höbel about Occtopus and the potential to reduce unconscious prejudices in children for more diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging In an interview with Anja Höbel, founder of “Occtopus”

Fermentation as the most important and exciting cooking trend of 2022

Koji, kimchi and co. are making fermentation a trend again because of their health-promoting properties

Event: Green Product & Concept Award 2022 honors innovative product designs

The competition for a greener future with sustainable and innovative product ideas - new this year is the MCBW exhibition and the Green Future Club

The Dematerialised and Lukso Co-Founder on the New Creative Economy

The marketplace for digital fashion NFTs and the blockchain technology behind them are challenging the traditional fashion industry In an interview with Marjorie Hernandez, co-founder The Dematerialised and Lukso

Contemporary fashion platform NJAL breaks with old conventions

NJAL founder Stefan Siegel about the problem of the fashion system, his Zalando partnership and the future of fashion In an interview with Stefan Siegel, founder of Not Just A Label

Water-free cosmetics promise health for skin and the environment

Clean Beauty Update: Are anhydrous cosmetics the sustainable solution for clear skin and a clean planet?

Resale platform unites circular fashion and new luxury

How the Managed Marketplace for pre-loved designer fashion offers sustainable answers and solutions for consumption In an interview with Cécile Wickmann, founder Rebelle

Planthroposcene Trend - Living in an Urban Jungle

What is Planthroposcene? A plea for nature to move into contemporary interiors for a better quality of life

Brave New World: Is the Metaverse bad for the environment?

Technologies such as VR, gaming, crypto, blockchain and NFT are now uniting in the digital metaverse – how sustainable is the hype?

News: German Design Award 2022 celebrates 10 years of visionary design

On the occasion of the 10th German Design Award 2022, the German Design Council honours the winners and their design innovations in an exhibition at the MAK Frankfurt

The Future is Now - 3D design innovation is revolutionizing fashion

The exceptional Austrian designer Julia Körner talks about the future of 3D printing as a combination of design, innovation and sustainability In an interview with Julia Körner, founder of JK Design

Go Veganuary - Meatless campaign turns out more successful than ever

How Veganuary makes vegan nutrition more attractive for the masses and even brings large companies to new dishes

Future journey of the automotive industry to the station sustainability?

6 questions to Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Head of the Center of Automotive Management, on the sustainability of mobility In an interview with Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Director Center of Automotive Management

News: Winners of the German Design Award 2022 prove innovative eco design

For the anniversary, the winners of the German Design Award 2022 show innovation, sustainability & aesthetics with pioneering projects

Futurefood Algae: The innovative alternative from the sea

Surprising food alternatives made from algae - In Food Valley, edible solutions are cooked for a sustainable food industry.

A club opens up new perspectives through creativity, innovation and collaboration

Together with art, science and entrepreneurship, “lobbying for nature.” In an interview with Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer, founder of the Arts & Nature Social Club

How sustainable are investment strategies with ESG investments really?

Why banks invest in climate-damaging projects and whether ESG systems can be the solution

Talk with Allon Libermann: The truth about powder-to-liquid products

“The problem in the care industry is not transparency, but ethics - brands like Forgo have to take responsibility to educate their consumers about sustainability” Interview with Allon Libermann, design manager of From Us With Love and co-founder of Forgo

Iconic Awards 2022: The trend barometer for sustainable interior

In 2022, the German Design Council will continue to promote and honor new solutions and sustainable design with its Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior

Welcome to the Babylon of EV charging - can this be sustainable?

The infrastructure of new mobility concepts must move away from insular thinking towards economically efficient, ecologically sustainable and socially fair standards. Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

News: According to Kering, animal fur no longer has a place in the luxury industry

Kering continues its sustainable commitment by introducing a fur-free policy for all its labels. As of 2022, no house of the luxury group will use animal fur anymore

The future of country life - Deurbanisation modernises the province

Deurbanization: Hardly audible, but shaping the future in the countryside is bringing noticeable changes - also in the city.

News: Nike is commercialises AirCarbon biomaterial for CO2 reduction

Nike is collaborating with biotech company Newlight Technologies to reduce its carbon footprint by using the biomaterial AirCarbon

From linear to circular - BMW Group presents the i Vision Circular

This vision vehicle is created according to the principles of the circular economy throughout the entire design, development and manufacturing process

Sustainable materials - new standards for the textile industry

More and more companies are focusing on sustainable materials, material innovation or preferred fibers and materials

Event: IAA Mobility - realignment for future mobility

IAA Mobility aims to become an international mobility center, with sustainability playing a stronger role

Berlin Fashion Week becomes the place for sustainable fashion

Berlin Fashion Week gives young, sustainable labels and talents an international stage and puts sustainability at the forefront

Event: Glocal Changemaking - 202030-The Berlin Fashion Summit

The digital conference is a partner of the Berlin Fashion Week and promotes the transformation to a sustainable fashion industry 

How digital disruption can promote sustainability

Digitization as a solution for a future-proof luxury model - these are the game changers in the industry

Clean Meat: This is what the meat of the future will look like

Laboratory meat is considered to be the meat alternative of the future. But what exactly is so-called clean meat and can it actually replace conventional meat?

Is Digi-Couture the future of sustainable fashion?

In the age of technology, digital fashion is perhaps the answer to the necessary change within the fashion industry. Interview with Michaela Larosse, Head of Strategy at The Fabricant

Gamified Luxury puts users in a parallel universe

Gamification creates a new world of fun, technology and profit - everything about the new attraction and how the trend can be used for positive development

Mobility trends 2022: Changes under the sign of the automotive reset

Mobility Trends 2022: Digitalisation, drive alternatives as well as inclusion and diversification are the focus of mobility trends

Time to Shine: 6 future trends in the jewelry and watch industry

With a State of Fashion special edition, BoF and McKinsey show 6 disruptive trends that will shape the jewelry and watch industry until 2025

Curse or blessing? Revenge shopping as the return of the “Golden Twenties”

Human numbers in metropolitan regions and record sales paint the current picture of the fashion landscape - but how sustainable is the post-Covid consumerism?

Aging as an opportunity for intergenerational design

Nikolaus Hafermaas calls for sustainable cultural change and shows why intergenerational design is more than a mere design concept. Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

How sustainable and healthy are plant-based milk substitutes really?

Not using animal products is considered environmentally friendly and healthy, but is that true? Here is the life cycle assessment of milk alternatives in comparison

Sustainable design combines aesthetics and responsibility

 Young designers combine modern concepts with sustainable criteria and more and more traditional houses are following suit - welcome to the new perfection!

Food trends 2022 are all about “The New Normal”

Food Trends 2022: A change in consumer behavior towards more sustainability and locality, the e-food movement and everything about post-Covid gastronomy

The future of urban cities: Empathic buildings and intelligent mobility

Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Managing Partner Creation of the Berlin agency Graft Brandlab, on the sustainable development of architecture, urban planning and mobility By Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

Sustainability Gap: BoF benchmarks largest fashion company's sustainability performance

The Business of Fashion sustainability index measures the sustainability gap and sets new standards for fashion groups

Is the current NFT Art Boom bad for the Environment?

The hype about crypto art has triggered a climate controversy due to the supposedly high energy consumption - but there is hope for a green crypto development

Why inclusion & diversity are essential for holistic success

While the pandemic poses an additional problem of inclusion, diversity strengthens companies in times of crisis. We show implications for successful diversity management

Future of luxury: The market for insurgent cultural and creative excellence

The luxury industry will undergo a drastic transformation by 2030 - luxury trends bring meaning and dynamism to the fore

Learning made easy: The top 10 learning apps for quick success

From languages ​​to meditation to classic brain training: Here are the hottest learning apps to get smarter

Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, on sustainable design

“Sustainable design ensures long-term corporate success and is accessible to everyone” In an interview with Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council

News: “All Eyes On” – Digital format of the German Design Award 2021

This year, the winning projects of the German Design Award will be presented by the German Design Council in a new online framework.

Innovative food start-ups are changing the food industry

These innovative food start-ups address the problems of the food industry and improve the future of the food supply

Luxury Institute: Edge AI is the future of personalized luxury

Edge AI is a dramatic breakthrough, remaking machine learning private, personalized and secure. Discover what’s behind it By Expert Milton Pedraza “Luxury Institute”

Purposeful Luxury - Lifestyle in times of the corona pandemic

The time of opulent luxury is over. Today luxury is more inclusive, more conscious and more positive. Welcome to the world of purposeful luxury by expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Wabi Sabi: Harmony through imperfect purism

Wabi Sabi represents the joy of clarity, the reflection on the essentials and the recognition of perfection in something imperfect. Discover the Japanese tradition, which has aspired to be a trend

Detox tea: An effective herbal cure for everyone?

You want to support your body through detoxification and get get rid of annoying water retention? Discover how easy this can be with detox tea!

Access as luxury - Soho House and Co are redefining exclusivity

The concept of luxury is changing. Members-only clubs show that luxury today means access, exchange and community

Cutting consumption: Less consumption, more quality of life

Simple and yet luxurious - is that possible? Discover ways to forego or reduce consumption without having to restrict yourself

The definition of luxury is changing: Ideal values ​​are outperforming overconsumption

Luxury has long ceased to mean wasteful consumption. The new definition of luxury revolves around values ​​and responsibility

Top 6 brands for augmented reality shopping experiences

We show 6 examples of how brands implement the augmented reality trend and thus set new standards in terms of innovation

These 6 sustainable food trends make 2021 a pleasure

Whether hyper regional, virtual dining or zero food waste, these food trends 2021 are not just about taste, they are also sustainable

Awaycation vs. Staycation - vacation in times of coronavirus

The world wants to move again. But what will tourism look like in the future? This is shown by the three travel dimensions Awaycation, Staycation and digital Wandering By Expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Artificial intelligence and its advantages for fashion

AI in fashion modifies shopping for customers and manufacturers. That's what the Artificial Intelligence trend is all about

Cocooning 3.0 - When the inside becomes the new outside

In the reinforced home office, borders between private and public are blurring. The learned separation of living spaces dissolves. What effects does this have on rooms and furniture and how long does the cocooning wave last? By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Corporate Social Responsibility: Top Sustainable Companies 2020

Again this year, companies worldwide were ranked in terms of their CSR. Denmark leads the field of sustainable business practices in the CSR Ranking 2020

Luxury landscape in times of the COVID-XNUMX pandemic - The Next Normal

What is the next normal in the luxury landscape during and after the Corona crisis and how are the trends changing? A big bang for the benefit of agile, digital, sustainable and social business models By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Smart infrastructure and city life - More quality of life through technology

The promise of the Smart City: quality of life, environmental protection & efficiency. We show which challenges have to be solved in a smart way

Gen Z calls for new standards for brands in times of COVID-19

To emerge stronger from the crisis, brands have to adapt to Gen Z's wishes. A growing group of buyers in transition is demanding transparency and social values 

Digitization and Corona: How Covid-19 accelerates the digital future

COVID-19 makes digital networking more important than ever. We show the importance of digitization due to Corona

Clean eating recipes - Here's your 3-day detox plan

Three days are enough to deacidify the body and bring it back into balance. We show you how to do it and suitable clean eating recipes

Architectural design and new standards for sustainability

Setting signals where they are created - this is what the British architecture firm does with its sustainability manifesto

Sustainability #1 - Fashion Megatrend 2020

The study “The State of Fashion” shows the fashion megatrend 2020 “Sustainability #1”: The growing need of consumers for more sustainable products – even in times of the Black Swan Event

Ethical Home Design - Amazing brands for your home

Ethical Home Design stands for stylish and fair home accessories which are handmade, free of chemicals and from natural raw materials

Fit for March with the 10-Step Easy Detox Plan

Spring is approaching - Detox your body easily with our 10-point Easy Detox Plan over the weekend

Green cosmetics - What is behind it?

Clean beauty, vegan, organic or natural cosmetics - these are the differences and these ingredients belong on the no-go list

Electromobility - quantum leap or hype?

A fictional dispute between our editors, in which two opposing points of view are prepared in an abstract and fact-based manner - pro and con

Pantone's Color of the Year is "Classic Blue"

In 2020, Pantone is banking on a classic: "Classic Blue" is the color of the year. The color embodies calm, simple elegance and timelessness

Neo-ecology - the most important megatrend of our time

Neo-ecology is the megatrend that will shape the 2020st century like no other: environmental awareness is transformed from an individual lifestyle to social movement. Sustainability from the consumption trend to the economic factor

6 sustainable fashion trends transform the fashion industry

The fashion industry must become more sustainable, that's what more and more consumers are demanding. These 6 sustainable fashion trends show how this can be done

Wine and chocolate - the couple for a special taste experience

Wine and chocolate, two premium luxury foods meet and combine to create a taste experience. We show which Fairtrade chocolate goes with which organic wine

Mobility of the future - these are the four megatrends

Mobility plays a central role in our society. Four innovative concepts meet today's challenges and point the way to future mobility

Circular economy - a concept from nature secures our future

Circular economy is currently the most sought-after concept for a sustainable future. About a concept that brings together continued prosperity and the preservation of resources

Zero Waste Influencer - Our international top 6 and their insider tips

A life without waste - this is what the Zero Waste movement stands for. Even if it sounds almost impossible, everyone can make a contribution and reduce their own waste - and do something good for the environment

100 years of Bauhaus and the nationwide expedition

In the almost 14 years of its existence, the Bauhaus revolutionized creative and artistic thinking. The big anniversary will be celebrated nationwide in 2019

Groundbreaking changes in the luxury industry

According to Bain & Company, disruptive trends are set to radically change the landscape in the luxury market and create new values

Yoga for everybody - the ultimate guide

Yoga exercises give strength, muscles are built and mobility is promoted. Body & mind are in balance

Coexistence of humans and artificial intelligence

A revolution is to be expected that could completely change our everyday life. Artificial intelligence harbors an immense number of opportunities, but also certain risks

Morning rituals for more success in everyday life

Increased productivity, inner peace and clear structures accompany people with regular morning rituals through a successful working day

10 skills to succeed in 2020

The world is constantly changing. The World Economic Forum shows which top soft skills will be in demand in the future

Electromobility - A look behind the scenes

The market for electromobility has continued to grow rapidly, with around 3 million cars sold in 2020. But what are the drivers and how green are e-cars really?

Smart farming: drones & robots in the countryside

Agriculture is a leader in digitization. Agriculture 4.0 and smart farming are the headings of modern data-based concepts

Megatrends: sustainable & fundamental future visions

Individualization, urbanization, globalization and artificial intelligence are some of the megatrends that are currently influencing our world, determining lifestyles and changing our future forever. Unlike trends, megatrends have a lifespan of several decades. In this way, they shape our society fundamentally and sustainably, contrary to brief currents.

Whether science, technology, politics or culture - megatrends encompass all areas of society. For this reason, they influence the way of life on the micro and macro level. Because they are so relevant to every individual, company and society as a whole, we show which megatrends define our future.

Megatrends as constants of change and determinants of the future

Current studies on megatrends from IT to the fashion industry, as well as expert interviews and reports, illustrate here the direction in which our planet is developing. Important drivers are technical progress, socio-economic, ecological and individual needs. These develop especially in the context of individual generations and manifest themselves in megatrends. We present here which ways of life will prevail in the future.

Megatrend # 1: sustainability

Even if some megatrends have been around for a long time and have been framing the slow change of a society for some years, the constants of change become particularly relevant at certain times. In view of the urgently needed environmental protection, we highlight one of the most important megatrends: sustainability. You can find everything about how sustainable living can lead to a positive future and which other trends can be reconciled with it here.